If you would like us to quote your image for digitizing, feel free to email the image you want digitized along with the size required. A minimum digitizing charge is $35.00 for new orders.

Flat rate quotations on oversized designs. Subject to quotation based on artwork.

Estimates are provided same day, free of charge. All quotations are estimates only. Finished designs may vary up to 20% more or less. Designs are billed after final stitch count. Quotations are held for 30 days.

$20 Keyboard setup. Variety of type styles available (letters and numbers only). Printouts Only.

$20 minimum editing fee. Printouts only. All editing subject to quotation.

Sewn samples available upon request. Additional sewn samples are $10 up to 10,000 stitches. $1 for each additional 1000 stitches.